Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort vs Village City Island Sim

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort vs Village City Island Sim

Creating your own village/city can be a tough, yet fun experience. Game developers are constantly bringing new applications to the table that allow people to create their own world and control certain aspects of their creations. Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort and Village City Island Sim are two shining examples of gaming experiences that makes the builder feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in the creativity category each game boasts. Virtual City 2 is published by G5 Entertainment AB and the later (Village City) is a gaming Production of Pearl Games. Both games feature unique aspects in which comparisons/contrasts can be drawn and below we’ll dive into just a few of these examples.

Virtual City 2: Paradise resort is the second installment of the Virtual City games. This second go-around at the popular web game features all new aspects that allow the builder to really feel encompassed in all the creations thought up. The locations have been expanded to cover areas from sunny Florida all the way to the frigid regions of Alaska. New challenges embark on this second installment leaving the builder to use new strategies and complete more complex tasks to developing a thriving city. Take the challenge of running your own casino in Vegas or open up your very own ski resort in the mountains of Utah. This second installment truly allows for creative minds to put their energy to use.

Village city Island Sim
Village City Island Sim is a game that truly puts you in charge. You have to make decisions of what to build and where to build it to make sure your community has a positive reaction to your ideas. Building a city can be challenging and keeping everyone happy isn’t always a simple venture. Take control of your city as you choose from hundreds of different building options and structures. Employ individuals at your establishments to keep your tight knit community from falling apart. The more you build the more challenging the tasks you receive become. This game is truly addictive and is for strategists and casual gamers alike. Put your creation on the map with Village City Island Sim.

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Both of these games are rather similar when looked at in comparison. Both offer individual aspects and challenges that keep the player active in their involvement with each application. Pleasing the individuals that populate both your city and village is a feature that can be found in both of these platforms. Both offer the ability for the player to start their operations on small scheme levels, getting a feel for the game and how all aspects of the games can play out. They both feature a progressive gameplay style that increases involvement with the more challenges completed or with the more building the player decides to partake in. The pace of the games is in the player’s hand and it only increases when the player’s activity within the game become more creative or more constructive. The opportunities within each of these games is truly endless given their progressive nature. You can start your process however you choose with each path offering a different play out then the other.

Getting involved in the large scale operation of building a city or village isn’t always a simple task. The deep consideration that is taken with each step can increase your popularity or the success of your individual city or village. Either gaming option is a great way for the player to get involved in something that is often portrayed as larger than life. Either game offers its own unique sense of building, strategy and intrigue. Try out either today and see what that creative mind of yours can conjure up.