Village City – Island Sim vs SimCity Buildit

Your ideal City Builder: SimCity or Village City?
If you enjoy city building games, then both Village City – Island Sim and SimCity Buildit are definitely worth checking out. Both games involve constructing and managing a constantly moving city while also giving you the creative freedom to make it the way you would want. With enough experience, friendships, and strategic thinking, you can advance your cities in both games very progressively and in a way that you might see as the fastest way to grow. Freedom of choice is what shines from both these titles, but they are also very different when it comes to looking at long term game play.
Village City Island Sim
Sim City

Village City – Island Sim is basically a simplified and easier to manage game than SimCity Buildit. With a much bigger layout and not too much clutter, you can feel relaxed and peaceful when organizing roads, shops, houses, and more. One cool feature with Village City is that based on how old you are will determine how the story progresses making it easier for small children. It also provides translations for over 18 different languages as well as the new “City Advisory” feature. This button will give you tips and tricks on how to make your city the best it can be.

SimCity Buildit is definitely for more serious players. With many strategies that come into play such as waste management, fire/ambulance/policemen placement, education, and so much more you’ll truly feel like the mayor of a bustling metropolis. Many features for multiplayer are also included that range from selling items you’ve acquired to preparing orders to be shipped off. The high resolution graphics give you a immersive feeling when looking around at the constantly moving cars and people that travel your streets. If you’re not careful, you could cause a traffic jam and no one likes that!

When comparing both games, the main thing to think about is how serious you are with your city building experience. While both of them can provide long term entertainment, choosing which one is right for your lifestyle. For example, SimCity Buildit is definitely the key choice for an experienced gamer. Multiple factors are determined by your strategic organization and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Village City however, offers a more laid back game play experience, and can be taken more lightly. Both games have excellent multiplayer with friend codes accessible and you can play them either off or online. As well, both games offer the option to purchase bonus funds to make your city grow exceptionally quicker than normal and sometimes even give one of a kind bonus features for the game.

Overall, these city builders are fantastic in their own ways and can still be enjoyed separately by any gamer. Remember that City Builders for the most part are games that can be left alone for a while and returned to at any time without sacrificing any normal game play. Both games are appropriate for all ages and can be downloaded on both the app store and google play.