Village City Island Sim vs SimCity Buildit

Simulation Games: How They Get Endless Players
We live in a world where game apps are highly desirable. Whether its on your tablet or your smartphone, we all have that one game we are addicted to. One game genre that is popular today tends to be any building or simulation games. Two apps with this style game are SimCity BuildIt and Village City-Island Sim. Though similar in the fact that they are revolved around designing a successful city, they also have unique differences that will urge you to play one or the other.

village_city_60x40Village city Island Sim

Sim games have been around for twenty five plus years: They have made a huge and loyal fan base surrounding the many different types of tycoon and simulation games created by EA, or their original developer, Maxis. This particular variety is based off an original (Sim City) but the app allows you to create a city, balance services for your many citizens and trade goods on a global market. This realistic take on the game is far more advanced than some of the others, and proves to be a challenge to keep your city going strong. One feature that returned to this app is that you can unleash natural disasters into your city, just like you could on some of the other Sim games.

In Village City- Island Sim, a lot of the ideas are the same. Like Sim City BuildIt, happy citizens create a more thriving community and will bring more people into your city. Your seafront city will feature your basic buildings but will also have tropical setting structures like beach huts. You hold the power to create jobs and you will handle your entrepreneurial transactions with cash and gold. This unique spin on creating a city is one that attracts the players because who wouldn’t want to create a city in paradise?

Village city Island Sim simcity
The biggest obvious difference between these two building games is that one is your classic city, while your other is based off the coast. Their currencies differ, and the ability to create the jobs can only be found in Village City- Island Sim. One factor that seems to remain the same is that your success relies mostly on the happiness of your citizens. They both hold many challenges, and feature many buildings and businesses to be added to your city.

These creative simulation and building games are so incredibly desirable because they require thought, strategy and creativity. Though these games can prove to be time consuming, the challenge keeps you highly attentive, wanting to play at every free moment you might have. Whether you decide to play Sim City BuildIt or Village City-Island Sim, they both have perks for their potential players. Sim City BuildIt offers a sense of nostalgia to those who have played the original Sim cities, while adding current and realistic traits to the task at hand. Village City-Island Sim offers a new tropical setting with a more lighthearted idea, but with also a challenge in your entrepreneurial skills.

Village city Island Sim