Village City – Island Sim vs Paradise Island

Village City – Island Sim vs Paradise Island
These games are for mobile users that are enthusiast about building perfect cities. Players are the mayor of the city with powers of president. They can make roads, buildings, homes, parks, and other attractions such as scuba diving. In addition, they can create jobs so citizens will move in and work. Happy citizens will then pay rents, buy groceries and take part in other city activities. Games Insight, LLC is the developer of Paradise Island with a game that has amazing visual effects. Developer Pearl Games B.V. has done an exceptional job with Village City: Island Sim that has fun for everyone.
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The graphics for Village City: Island Sim is stellar with colors and 3D that make pictures jump of the mobile device’s screen. Game interaction has important icons pop-up with requests of citizens or when rents have been earned. Simply click each icon to instantly see amounts earned or resolutions. Townspeople’s conversations can be viewed with floating bubbles making it easy to know when things need to be done. Watching new buildings, roads, and decorations to the community go up is a really cool feature. The sounds of the city are also very realistic, which enhances the fun elements to this game.Paradise Island has created an environment where the city blends with the salt water lifestyle. There are palm trees and sandy beaches with red topped sail boats bobbing in the sparkling ocean. Attractions are plentiful and very diverse with cruise ships and stadiums. Colors, sounds, and graphics are the latest in technology. Rewards are many including being the creator of a place where everyone is content and has what they need. Players will also realize goals with their earnings from people that live on their island so they add more unique features and attractions.

Village City: Island Sim has the happy icon located at the top of the screen with a percent level of the city’s status. It changes immediately when players make the needed adjustments. The amount of cash, diamonds, and gold is clearly displayed at the top without interfering with the view of the city. In addition, all the icons are placed in an organized fashion along the border of the game with the most important ones along the top. The game responses are quick and seamless. Players can purchase additional cash to speed up any project they are working on.

Paradise Island is more island than city, but because players can add some city elements including famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower things get interesting. Attracting tourist to the island is critical for it to grow. Other interesting options include casinos and piers or boardwalks. The ability to place grass and other greenery adds aesthetic images. Watching boats enter and leave the island as well as listening to the happy chatter and laughter will be a satisfying gaming experience for everyone.The ability to purchase in-apps for Village City: Island Sim is very reasonable. For example, 2 million in cash or 30 diamonds only cost $2.99. Players that want more can also make purchases for 10 million in cash for $10.99 or 330 diamonds for $21.99. The game can be played on any Apple device with the correct iOS version. Android device users can also enjoy the same level of entertainment with full screen displays and engaging sounds.

Some players may prefer Paradise Island due to the ability to add city features within the island concept. In addition, there are more activities for visitors and tourist to do. This will make them become full-time citizens. There are in-app purchases for this game as well as being available on the same mobile platforms. Both games are free downloads and perform equally as well. Players can easily play both games for a variety of pure city and a city-island mixture.