Village City Island Sim vs Megapolis

Village City Island Sim vs Megapolis

OverviewPlaying online games is fun and educative. Online game developers have come with marvelous creativity in designing terrific virtual games. Village city island sim is an android developed city building game; you build a virtual village on an open island as your canvas. You expand the city by building houses and decorating them. Make the life of the citizens comfortable, create jobs, and earn money and gold. Megapolis is another social quantum virtual city building game. Here you build your city in an open land, make it attractive to its residents, establish buildings and infrastructure.

Village City island Sim

Fun Elements in Village Island Sim

In Village city island Sim; the player has an open island, which he has to expand and develop into a virtual city to earn money and gold. It’s the responsibility of the player to make the social welfare of the citizens good by creating jobs, building decorated homes for them. The players have the challenge of making the town big. Also, players will have to establish restaurants, cinemas, boutiques and hotels for their people. The players have the choice of developing beach life, build schools, churches, and museums and make the city grow into a metropolis.

Fun Elements in Megapolis

Megapolis gives its players the challenge of developing a virtual city on a small plot of land as your town building canvas. They will have to establish modest buildings to increase their population. Also, they have to streamline their infrastructure by putting in place roads, railways, and airports. Additionally, they will have to improve their city’s social life by establishing schools, churches, restaurants and movie theaters. Provision of necessities like water and electricity increases the city’s population. Decorating the buildings to make them appear attractive also attract more people in the city. Each action towards the development of the city pays regarding experience points, which can be used for leveling.

Megapolis Megapolis Megapolis-1 megapoliss

How Unique is each Game?

Each of these two games has unique features. In Megapolis, the city is developed in a small plot of land; the currencies used coins; which are the soft currency of the game and Cash, which is the real money of the game. Experience points are used for leveling up and unlocking buildings and contracts. Each building must have adequate electricity and water. The population is increased by collecting revenues from buildings. Production house in Megapolis is the best way to earn coins by making contracts. The decorations in the buildings boost megapolis population. To expand the city, players need the help of neighbors or cash. Village Island city sim provides an island as the canvas for developing the city. The currency is gold and cash. To boost the city’s population, the players need to collect experience points to unlock more contracts and build houses. Also, they receive revenue from buildings and commercial activities and upgrade the buildings. They can play with friends; enter gift codes and friend codes to get more cash to expand the city. The players will have to develop and explore beach life to make their citizens happy. Just like in Megapolis, an appropriately decorated building with adequate electricity and water bring more gold and increases the population.


Both of the games bring a central idea of building a virtual city from the original space. Start with little resources and build a city. Expand the city from the revenue collections from buildings commercial activities. Get more cash, coins and experience point to develop your city further and make your citizens happy. The games place you in a powerful position to use your creativity to come up with a dream city. You discover the best way to be a successful entrepreneur in a magnificent virtual world. These games are incredibly exciting; that’s why millions of people are playing them globally.