Village City – Island Sim vs Megapolis – Mobile games compared

Cities to Build
Having a long car ride ahead can be difficult – especially if there’s no WiFi to connect to. Megapolis – from Social Quantum Ltd – and Village City – Island Sim – from Pearl Games – are two good games to play on long road trips. Both are building games and are free to play.

Village City – Island Sim is a city building game set in on an island. Players can build hotels, cinemas, and a Ferris wheel if they’d like. Other things that players can do include building a beach hut or fishing. Profits can be collected from buildings such as a hotel, cinema, or the Ferris wheel. Players can even visit friends via friend and gift codes. They can even explore the beaches looking for pirates’ chests that contain cash or gold to be used in the game. The cash and gold can be used to purchase new buildings, speed up the building process, or even to speed up the upgrade process. There are dozen of rewards to collect while playing via adventures and quests. XP can be collected to level up through 200 levels total. Anyone can play the game – whether they are eight or 98.


Megapolis is very similar. There are over 700 buildings that can be bought to build. There are buildings from ancient times and modern times for all tastes and personalities. Players can cooperate with their neighbors to create even larger cities. The cities can expand over land and over the sea. Airports, railroads, oil platforms, gas mining, and atomic power plants are some of the other buildings that players can build to earn a profit. The game is better suited for a tablet rather than a phone. It’s incredibly difficult to earn money to upgrade and add to the city, and it gets more difficult to get rid of older buildings the more there are. Many end up spending more money to actually play the game than they would like, and they do complain about it. There has been no fix for this yet. The Megabucks used in the game are the main source of this complaint as there is only one awarded with each level and it can be difficult to obtain them through game play. Some want more zoom ability on the game, even on the tablets. Buildings and other items cannot be stored. Again, this angers others, and some find that it is impossible to play without online media or without paying.

Over all, Village City – Island Sim is the better game for the gamer who doesn’t wish to spend real money on a mobile game. Megapolis feels like it moves too fast for many and there are too many hurtles to jump over in order to get anything done. The game has so many complaints that developers are having trouble keeping up. For those who have the money to do it, go for Megapolis. If not, go with Village City – Island Sim.