Village City – Island Sim vs CityVille

Village City – Island Sim vs CityVille
Finding a mobile game to play can be difficult. CityVille by Zynga is one option, as is Village City – Island Sim by Pearl Games. Building a city and making money is anyone’s game with these two games. So what exactly does each entail, and why do they seem so upbeat?
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CityVille was released in December of 2010. The game was an instant hit. Like its cousin FarmVille, the game allows players to supply goods, sell goods, buy goods, and a wind farm. Players can send gifts to friends and can play through 200 experience levels. A Lakefront addition of the game allows players to build a canal and drawbridge. There are sidewalks that can be built to the drawbridge and that connects the city to the lakefront. Businesses such as Twix, Embassy Suites, and Coca-Cola have all done deals with CityVille. Music artists have also done deals with the game, particularly Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. Among other things, CityVille has three sequels and a large play base. Within fifty days of the release, at least 61 million were playing the game.

Village City – Island Sim is the same idea as CityVille. There are lots of quests to go on as well as plenty of adventures. Players can play despite age – whether they are eight or 90. Construction and upgrades can be sped up with gold, which is purchased via in-app purchases. XP is collected for leveling up by playing and upgrading buildings. A profit can be made from commercial buildings such as oil platforms and farms. Many rewards are available through play as the coordinating quest or adventure is finished. The game is available in 18 languages. Friends can help their friends and give gift or friend codes. There’s even the possibility of finding pirate’s treasure – which contains either cash or gold for use in the game. The game is free to play and it is supported on many tablet devices. The game doesn’t need to be connected to the internet or to WiFi to play. However, the one downside that everyone encounters is having trouble collecting enough cash to expand in the game. Some experience freezing, but this is not a game issue – it’s a device issue.

The two games are equally addicting and equally fun. While both have ups and downs, Zynga shut CityVille down on April 30, 2015. Notice was given, but considering the success of the sequels and the cousin games, this was surprising to players. Many were angry over the shut down of the game, but the success cannot be ignored. Village City – Island Sim is still running and still free. Bugs have been fixed and it can be downloaded within minutes.