Village City – Island Sim vs City Story

Village City – Island Sim vs City Story
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Village City – Island Sim was developed by Pearl Games B.V. with familiar graphics seen in city building apps. Players start with a plot of land and build to create a large city that reaches into the sky with high-rises. Streets, parks, and attractions are used to attract citizens as well as keep them happy. There are sounds and game icons assisting players with activities and responsibilities to keep the game growing.

City Story has a display with a close-up of the sidewalks, buildings, trees, and actual townspeople. Building signage, cars driving on the streets, and other detailed features make this game a colorful cartoon rendition of an actual city. Team Lava Games has really developed a fun experience that cannot be found in other city building games with the presentation factor alone.

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Fun features of Village City – Island Sim include being able to interact with the citizens with a simple click of a variety of icons. Sounds of the bustling city as cars are driving and buildings are completed are also engaging. Starting new roads and then changing them is quick with the ability to finish the project in less time with cash keeping things rolling in the city as it grows. You can also perform quests to find treasures or start a fishing business. Creating jobs and using the built-in assistant with the ‘city advisor’ helps with keeping citizens happy. Players can also share this game with family and Facebook fans.

City Story has free weekly updates to the already more than 150 buildings and other city features. Easy tap and go platforms on every Apple and Android device has instant designs of parks and rivers created. Streets and sidewalks as well as signage make the city more believable. Players can give away free buildings to friends through Facebook. The large icons at the bottom include menu, build, and tools that lead to a large selection of more buildings and activities to develop in the city. As the mayor, players receive notifications about bids from contracts so the city can earn money and grow.

Village City – Island Sim has a display where the city is seen from above like a helicopter with lots of icons on the screen. While this may be good features for some, it can appear to be a bit cluttered for a newbie. There are lots of earnings available from jobs, rents, and business ventures keep players busy. It can be a little overwhelming to go days without playing. The happiness factor icon needs to be checked daily to make sure this does not affect citizens that decrease player levels. In-app purchases are available to fix issues quickly.

City Story is a definite change of pace from most city building games because players can see more detail of the buildings, businesses, and citizens. There is a feature that lets players stroll on the sidewalks. It also allows a larger cityscape with more land to build on. The graphics, sounds, and animation are funny to watch in action making for an entertaining experience. The vibration feature is an option that players will be hard press to find in any other city building game.

Players that have time to indulge in city building mobile games will certainly have both games running. They are addictive with affordable in-app purchases that can be restricted when needed. The graphics and sounds for each game are mesmerizing. City Story has exclusive features and easy play that will make it the standout. In addition, cleaning buildings in one city will open opportunities for other players to visit. Village City: Island Sim does not offer this feature, but does have more activities and an almost endless amount of levels for players to achieve through quests and adventures.