Village City Island Sim 2 vs SimCity Buildit

Build a village vs build a city
When comparing the two mobile gaming applications Village City Island and SimCity Buildit we are looking at two very similar games. Village City Island was created by Pearl Games. This game designer only offers a few games designed by them. This one and one other. SimCity BuildIt was designed by Electronic Arts. That particular game designer has a handful of games to offer the gamer, all of which are different typws of games. Both of these games are mobile applications that can be downloaded to your phone or wireless device. These games are city building games that allow you to build and create.
Village City Island is a game that has a very homey feel to it. This game allows the player to start off small and work their way up to a large island type town complete with villagers, stores and jobs. This application gives the gamer the ability to place the buildings and homes where they choose and this gives the player the unlimited designed options. All in all the gamer has the ability to create a quaint home town just the way the want it. You be in charge and make this town your own.
SimCity BuildIt is a mobile application that was set in a high class city setting.
This game was created for the gamer to have a real feel with higher end graphics than some of the games offered in this same gaming category. The game offers the gamer to create and design a high life city complete with ship docks and an air port. This game allows for a more real look on the city you create and give you tons of choices from stores, businesses and the city peoples individual homes. The game really lets the player get into the game and gives lots of choices.
When looking at these two games side by side we are looking at two online building game s both offered by the online gaming application downloaders. These game are both in the category of a city building game. These applications both run on a similar designee even though differences are present between them. Both games offer in application purchases that allow the player to use real money to purchase upgrades for the game and bundle packs to advance more quickly. These games both run on a system where to advance in the game you must earn experience to move ahead. In addition to this you the player must also earn money in order to upgrade or buy certain things in the game. The differences however do exist just like in all games. These games are set in different areas , one more of a small town village type style game with a less busy fell to it and the other being set in a larger area with a high class upscale large city feel to it. SimCity Buildit had different graphics and are a bit upgraded but both games pretty much have the same general look and feel to them.
In conclusion after reviewing these two games Village City Island and SimCity Buildit it is safe to say that either one the player chooses would provide lots of city building fun and allow them to make their town or city their own. They are both round on the application store and can be used on any compatible mobile or pc device. These two games are both high standing in the online ratings online Village City Island comes in at a 4.1 and SimCity Bildit is at a 4.4. Now its all up the gamer on where to build.