Township vs City Island 4

Incredible City Building Mobile Games
Mobile game developers have come up with amazing games that are supported by various operating systems. Some of the most popular games include City Island 4: sim town tycoon and township. City Island 4 is an Android supported game that allows players to build a virtual city on an island. The players build different buildings on the Islands having different designs and decorations and make the life of the residents comfortable and enjoyable. Township, on the other hand, was developed by Playrix; it offers players the opportunity to share their dream of a perfect place to live. Players develop their cities, grow crops, develop factories sell their produce to develop their city buildings and infrastructure.



Township is supported by iphone, iPod, and ipad. It provides a unique blend of city-building and farming. Players can build their dream of developing a perfect place to live in, plant crops, develop and run factories and sell the products and get experience point to make your town. Also, players can run cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other recreational facilities to improve social life of their cities. Additionally, players can build landmarks and other architectural designs and landscapes to suits their needs. Also, they can share useful goods and interact with friends on social media like Facebook.

City Island 4: Sim Town Tycoon

City Island 4
City Island 4 allows the players who are tycoons to develop a small island into a city or a megapolis. The players will be able to discover more islands to expand their towns and city life. Players create a virtual city manage all the aspects of the town including transportation. Players start the game with an empty island, little cash and gold. They then develop the Island by building and decorating buildings strategically to keeps the money flowing. Additionally, players have to improve the welfare of their city dwellers by providing them jobs and community buildings to keep them happy.

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In the township, players develop their dream towns on the mainland and depend entirely on growing crops and develop factories to generate cash to expand the city and make the life of their residents comfortable. On the other hand, in City Island 4, the players develop the city on an open island and further expand to other islands. Players start with limited resources like cash and gold to start the development. Further revenue is generated from the commercial activities in the town.

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Township is supported by iphone, ipad and iPod touch. Also, the operating system has to be iOS 5.0 or later. City Island 4 is supported by Android operating system and also tablet supported. Township also allows players to share goods and experiences of their towns with friends on Facebook and game center. In City Island, the mayor has to solve daily life challenges affecting the residents of his city and by doing so they earn points and achievement to expand their city. Both games are free to play and are developed with high graphics. Also, in both games the players use a variety features to create and build and decorations their dream towns. They give online game lovers enjoyment, adventure and satisfaction.

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The above mobile games, therefore, provide their users with incredible fun in building their dream cities. The players are treated with original game play with intuitive gestural controls. The games are of top quality and are supported by standard operating systems on most mobile phones. The games are also cheap as they are free to play and readily available in the various application stores like Google play store.