Township vs City Island 3

Comparing Township and City Island 3
Finding fun games by great designers is sometimes hard to do. Two of these fun games are Township and City Island 3. Township is a game that blends both city building with farming. It also adds extras that include mining and the ability to run a zoo. This game was created by Playrix Games who was founded in 2004. This company originally started off as a PC game developer but moved to creating free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets in 2011. On the other hand, City Island 3 is a game that starts off as a remote island with the possibility to become a megapolis. It was created by Sparkling Society which is a team of three that has the ambition to engage their players into becoming fans.
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Township is extremely unique in other ways. There are so many in game features that you will never get bored. Beyond growing crops, you can process your crops inside of factories. When interacting with the townspeople, you can fill orders for them. Or if you want to be away from the townspeople, you can discover ancient artifacts within the mines. And for those who enjoy animals, you even have the option of breeding animals at your very own zoo. No matter what you enjoy doing, there is sure to be something for you in Township.
City Island 3 has just as much to offer its players. There are many different challenging tasks that can be done as well as rewards and achievements that can be earned. For those that enjoy something different, there are quests that can be completed. And as a way to earn revenue, you can collect profit from any of your commercial buildings. And to ensure that you will always have new buildings to add to your world, there are plenty of new buildings that can be unlocked to be added to your world.
While both games have qualities that make them unique, they are both very different from each other.
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City Island 3 is a game built upon commerce and expansion while Township gives you many opportunities to interact within the world. The commerce that appears within City Island 3 takes many forms. The expansion of buildings within the world is one of the biggest ways to build up your income. Building the income is important to help you buy new buildings which will in turn increase your profits. City Island 3 allows for different focuses depending on what the player is most interested in. There is discovery within the mine, interaction with the many characters inside the game and even the ability to collect and breed animals with your own zoo. The biggest difference that exists between the two games focuses upon the story line. Township is a world that has many activities while City Island 3 is a game where you start off with practically nothing and build yourself up to amazing levels.
Whether you are interested in earning money or creating a completely interactive world, Township and City Island 3 have something to offer for everyone. The great graphics and interesting story line will keep players coming back for more and sharing the games with all of their friends.
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