Sims 2 vs City Island – Two fun city management games!

Pass the Time in a Fantasy City
Who these days doesn’t have to wait for a long time at some point during the week? Whether it’s in an airport, a car, or at home, there’s always someone who has a few hours to kill. What better way to kill that time by playing either City Island, a game put out by Sparkling Society, or Sims 2, a game put out by Maxis and Electronic Arts?
Sims 2 is the second in a series of Sims games. The game follows the pattern of the first game: each character is very similar to what would be found in real life. They age, have goals, wants, fears; the list goes on. More of a PC or game system game, this is more for the people stuck at home. However, the game can strike a little too close to home for those who are at home for reasons that might be related to some of what can happen in the game. Anyway, though there is no defined story line, there are stories in the game that can be explored, and it takes place about twenty five years after the original game. Some of the characters are based off of Shakespeare, others deal with the supernatural, and others are just based off of real life.
city island 1 city island
City Island offers a more story lined game play. The players advance through a series of levels, each with its own rewards and challenges. This is truly a mobile device game. Items can be purchased with the game’s cash or gold, or can be purchased through in-app purchases. The city can be expanded, and can have various types of buildings. These buildings range from community buildings to businesses and schools. Those that make money (IE bakeries) can have a profit that is collected, giving players a way to earn extra money to spend to upgrade. When the beach is unlocked, players can search for pirate chests that contain extra cash or gold if the player is lucky.While Sims 2 had great reception, it was succeeded by Sims 3 in 2009. No major complaints were filed with game play; however, some players were buying third party upgrades. This created a large controversy over whether or not the game was appropriate for its intended audience of teen players. The game had a code that allowed the pixels to be removed when a Sim was naked or on the toilet. Executive Jeff Brown later reported that the Sims are built “like Ken and Barbie” and wouldn’t show anything that could be considered inappropriate. The code, which was left from a beta testing, was never meant to be used during game play and was quickly shut down.

City Island has its own list of complaints. Some players experience freezing. Others complain that the fishing boats will not work after a few minutes of game play, whether it’s the ports or the boats themselves. Some of these issues are device related, and not game related.

Overall, both games have their histories. Whether or not the game is the right game for the player depends on the situation and the type of device or system that is available when the game is wanted.