SimCity Buildit vs Smurfs’ Village

SimCity Buildit vs Smurfs’ Village

SimCity BuildIt and Smurfs’ Village are two wildly different games that share more in common than the visuals would imply. Coming to you straight from the successful franchise, SimCity BuildIt is an app produced by EA, or Electronic Arts. This video game giant is highly regarded for its content, producing some of the hottest names to hit shelves both for console and phone. Beeline Interactive, Smurfs’ Village creator, is actually a subsidiary of Capcom, a name well-known for having produced a high number of quality games during its peak years. Beeline is an extension solely dedicated to app development.

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In a nut shell, SimCity BuildIt is SimCity but small enough to run on your phone without crashing it. In it, you are the mayor of a beautiful city where your people will thrive only if you can manage to care for their needs no matter how large the population grows. It uses high quality 3D models to display your town and comes with all of the hijinks SimCity is known for. Feel free to place an Arc de Triomphe next to the Empire State Building after unleashing a devastating UFO attack to see just what kind of catastrophe your city can handle.


Smurfs’ City is almost the exact opposite. Based off of the beloved cartoon characters, the game places you in charge of expanding Smurf Village and seeing to all of the Smurfs’ happiness. 2D models make up the town and surrounding areas while the gameplay is purposefully kept at a friendly, beginner level. UFO attacks are replaced with dinosaur bone discoveries and unhappy residents are replaced with Smurfs that adore life. Interestingly enough, it seems as if the Smurfs managed to shrink human-sized things, such as gumball machines, down to their size so they can partake of common things we often get to enjoy.

Just by looking at the two games, you can easily spot a large number of differences. However, instead of focusing on that, let’s take a look at how similar these two games actually are. For one, both SimCity BuildIt and Smurfs’ Village are, in essence, the same game. You, the player, are tasked with expanding a town. To do this, you can add shops, items or simply go exploring to see what you can discover. Each building or item you add ushers in additional things you can do to affect the residents, be it cleaning up their garbage in SimCity or giving them new clothes in Smurfs’ City. Beyond this, the game mechanics are, again, very similar, such as laying out where pathways, buildings and decorations go. While Smurfs’ City is certainly graphically less impressive than SimCity BuildIt, it nevertheless proves that a game doesn’t need high end graphics to ensure enticing gameplay. All in all, the biggest thing to take away from these two games is that each was designed with a specific audience in mind. Smurfs’ City is a gateway app game designed to introduce children to a genre they can pursue when they get older in the form of SimCity BuildIt.


If city construction is your favorite genre, you can hardly ask to do better than with the mobile app version of the franchise that made it famous. From UFOs to misplaced world treasures, SimCity BuildIt brings everything you love about SimCity to your phone and manages to keep the same charm. If that game is a bit to mature for your younger players, set them up with the endearing Smurfs’ Village. Here, they’ll have a great time creating their only colorfully smurfy world as they help the highly optimistic bunch rebuild after a Gargamel attack.