Simcity Buildit vs City Island – You should try both!

Simcity Buildit vs City Island – You should try both!

SimCity BuildIt and City Island make it fun to create and grow your personal little city Both awesome games come with similar features layered by some different approaches for using them. Each has a tap interface that is agile and responsive. They have options that allow new streets and buildings to be built along with ways to grow the population and jobs. EA is the creator of SimCity BuildIt, which is their latest installment of the infamous Sim City series. City Island’s developer is Sparkling Society. This is their first version with several new contributions distinguished by a number following the same name.Short description of fun elements of SimCity BuildIt


Important features including your level, amount of money in the bank, number of golden keys, number of people and buildings are located across the top of the screen. This convenience lets the ‘mayor’ know the status of the city at all times. To make any changes to the buildings or services is a simple tap on the hub icon on the lower left screen. With each activity, the software highlights the specific area where changes can be made. There are challenges in the game that help with upgrades as well as earning golden keys. The icons are as realistic as is the entire game layout.

Short description of fun elements of City Island

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The main screen has a myriad of colorful icons that lead to the areas you are interested in. For example, there is one for roads, policemen, buildings, and others. Once there, more options are available for upgrades to buildings and even adding businesses and jobs. The pop-up tutorial makes detailed recommendations to help you met the demands of the city. A feature exists that allows completion of any addition to move immediately by using gold or withdrawing from your bank balance. There are two large icons for twitter and Facebook that allows instant access to your community of friends.Comparison of the two gamesCity Island is simplistic with its features making it easier for individuals who want to stay on the surface of this type of app. The built-in pop-up tutorial feature throughout the game adds to this aspect. The tutorial of City Island is another example that helps players with decisions about upgrades and changes to their city. Players can instantly earn money and gold when icons appear over buildings in the city. The city can only grow to a certain size in this app. In addition, City Island has more of a cartoon visual aesthetic for its graphics.In contrast, SimCity BuildIt has a more sophisticated presentation with more complex 3D graphics and features. The tutorial option is different with information placed in various places on the screen after the player initiates the need for changes. There are even more options with several layers of labeled icons within any given upgrade. In addition, its tutorial version has think bubbles. SimCity BuildIt has bonuses and challenges to earn money and golden keys. For example, to ‘boost’ the population, strategically placing new buildings will increase your level. There is no tutorial for this type of opportunity, which means you have to be aware of what is available to you. The city can grow exponentially outwards and upwards.


Both games are recommended for play with the opportunity to watch each city grow at the same time. Strategies learned with some features from the games may be helpful to get the most for each city. SimCity BuildIt could be the New York City version, while City Island can be a sleepy town such as Poughkeepsie, New York. The apps are free for individuals to enjoy the fun that comes with creating their own cities. In-app purchases are available to enhance the gaming experience.