Restaurant Story 2 vs City Island

Restaurant Story 2 vs City Island

Most people are familiar with PC games such as Diner Dash, Cake Mania, and other simulation restaurant and city games. Now those games come to mobile devices. Two such adaptations are Restaurant Story 2, put out by Storm8 Studios, and City Island, which is put out by Sparkling Society as are the different incarnations of the game. Both companies offer games for the iPhones and Android phones.


Restaurant Story 2 is similar to the games mentioned in the introduction. However, it is only available to be played when the device has an internet connection. Despite this, the game offers various features: collecting ingredients, learning new recipes, exploring the world, visiting friends’ restaurants, and more. In the newest update, a barbecue level has been added that features Uncle Sam. It offers players the chance to run the virtual restaurant as a traditional one would be run, and offers the chance to decorate as often as the players would like.

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City Island offers a broader range of game play, as the intention is to build a city. Available in 18 languages, the game offers quests, adventures, levels to unlock, new constructions with each level, rewards, extra islands, and more. There are hundreds of different types of buildings to be built, each with its own waiting time and price. Pirate chests are also available to be found, which adds a sense of mystery and can be a boost if the player is low on the game’s currency. Citizens of the city can find these on the beach.

Although Restaurant Story 2 limits the game play to a restaurant, it has plenty of features to keep players coming back. City Island is more of a broad game play. Advantages to both include keeping busy on long waits, car rides, or when simply bored at home. However, if a player wishes to have a more specific experience, Restaurant City 2 is the better game for them. City Island offers more of an overall mayor-like play and can teach leadership skills. As with most of the games these days, both are free to download to the device that it will be played on. This allows the players to literally get their money’s worth whether they are satisfied or not because it was of no cost to them. Both games allow players to interact with their real life friends and give gift cards to allow players to encourage others to play.


However, both games have had their fair share of complaints. Some customers have complained that since City Island updated, they cannot play. Other customers complain that the fishing boats get stuck and they can’t play. A similar complaint is had with Restaurant Story 2, but is more along the lines of what the players want fixed. One in particular has complained that the food takes up more counter space than it should. Another complaint with Restaurant Story 2 is that the game doesn’t fully pay for the recipes sold in game play.

ci1 appsource: City Island Play Store

All in all, both games offer an interesting story line to follow. If the players put up with the glitches (since all games will have a few, no matter how recently they were updated), the games pay for themselves in almost no time at all and offer fun galore.