Megapolis vs Village City Island Sim 2

Clash Of The Titans:Megapolis vs Village Island Sims 2
When we want to feel like a king, we can turn on our phones and play a city building simulator. Once almost exclusive to the PC, city building sims are now widely played on smartphones by a massive audience. Not all of the sims are made equal which means that some are naturally better than others. Today we’ll discuss two of the best city sim apps out there, Megapolis and Village Island Sims 2. Which game is the better game? Which offers the most bang for your buck. Let’s go over the pros and cons of the two games:

How You Start Off In Both Games

When you start Megapolis, you have a pretty modest plot of land to build you first city on. If you’ve ever play any social or mobile games, you probably already know what the main gameplay will play like. The first thing you’ll be doing is building housing for your citizens, and each new housing unit increases your city’s population as you click finish

Megapolis Megapolis Megapolis-1
Village City Island Sim 2 begins with a tutorial to introduce you to all of its features. You get the entire island pretty quickly and you get to whatever you feel like. Do you want to hop on building jobs for the citizens of your island? Go right on ahead with making the island a tourist attraction or whatever you wish it to be. There are some complaints that Village City Island Sim crashes after finishing the tutorial.

village city island sim 2 Village city island sim2


If you didn’t guess it by its name, Megapolis is essentially a simulation of a sprawling, urban metropolis. You are building a major city filled with tall skyscrapers and glamorous attractions. It’s essentially what you’ve probably already seen in your real life on a daily basis. This is familiar territory being explored in this game.

On the other hand, things are just a bit more exotic in Village City Island Sim 2. You get your own beautiful and lush island to settle on and you may do whatever you desire to do on this island. Unlike Megapolis, you can also opt out of building a city and decide to build a village instead. When you choose to build a village instead of a city, the choices in housing and business change as well.


Megapolis is a bit like playing an RPG. The actions you take will give you experience points, a unique and innovative approach to the genre , and you can essentially grind as much you want to. Only time and money put any restrictions on you, and that’s mostly how much you can invest in you buildings. The rewards for completing quests are much greater compared to what you normally do that they definitely guide the gameplay for at least the first portion of the game. That puts the more open-ended sandbox features away for later in the game.

The gameplay of Village City Island Sim 2 doesn’t have this same quest oriented approach. It’s open ended from the beginning and doesn’t try to push you in any direction. If you want to build the biggest city you can go ahead and do it. If you want a quiet peaceful village, that’s equally acceptable. What you want is what you’ll get.


Megapolis is clearly the smoother of the two, but Vilage City Island Sim 2 is the more creative game. If you want a smooth, guided experience pick Megapolis. If you want something different choose Village City Island Sim 2.