Farmville Vs Village City: Island sim

Farmville Vs Village City: Island sim
Who doesn’t like to play a game while waiting at the busy Doctor’s office or just when you are bored with nothing better to do? If you have been on Facebook for any amount of time you are sure to be familiar with FarmVille. For those that aren’t, it’s a popular farm simulator where you build a farm, grow crops and level up often times with the help of “friends”. I’ve also recently tried out Village City: Island sim. Think old school sim city with a modern style.
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Village City: Island sim is just one game in a large line up of City Island games developed by a partnership of two companies out of the Netherlands; Sparkling Society and Innovattic. Village City: Island sim is a tycoon simulator in which you build an entire City from the ground up while balancing the need of the “citizens” that choose to live there. You must supply housing work and fun for them to be productive and for your city to continue to grow. As your city grows you unlock new housing and buildings. You can continue to expand your city by ‘purchasing” more land with in game money earned or by purchasing game credit. Watch out that you leave space for fun stuff like parks and activity building because that keeps your city happy.


If you have never played FarmVille, what are you waiting for? Developed by Zynga an American company out of San Francisco that got it’s start in 2007. They have many popular games on social media sites and as mobile apps. In FarmVille you start off by making your personal avatar. Don’t worry, you can change it again at anytime. Then you are given a blank plot of land to start your farm on. You can unlock more land through earning money in the game or buying game credit. You will be involved in various aspects of farming such as plowing land, raising crops and animals, harvesting crops and trees. You work your way through levels and unlock new animals and crops as you get higher. Pretty much anything will earn you XP (experience points) to get to that next level.


FarmVille and Village City: Island sim are free simulator games built for a quick easy fun way to pass the time. They both do not require you to buy game credits or have a large group of friend also play, but both are helpful to gain XP faster and to level up quicker. While FarmVille is all about the farm with animals and crops, Village City Island sim is about being the “mayor” of the city and planning and keeping the “little people” happy. Both can be played on social media sites, mobile apps on Android and Apple and on the PC. They are both highly enjoyable and can be learned in mins how to play requiring very little thought or effort.


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Both would make great additions to your game play and being free make it is a no-brainer to try them out. Rhey can be played in as much or little time as you have for game play. Don’t forget to invite your friends to play along with you to help level up faster. Everyone knows it’s much more fun to play with friends and both Farmville and Village City; Island sims are fun to play.