FarmVille vs Hay Day – Where should we farm?

FarmVille vs Hay Day – Where should we farm?
For crisp graphics and eye-popping colors, these two games fit the bill. FarmVille is a popular game that has players living on a rural farm in the country side with neighbors. Hay Day is another farming game with the same premise although, an exception can be found that allows players to create a town. Both will have you buying seeds, planting, growing and harvesting a variety of yummy items. There are farm animals including pigs, horses, sheep, and man’s best friend. A myriad of backdrops have barns, homes, picket fences and more. The company Zynga developed FarmVille, which can only be played on Facebook. Hay Day is the brain child of Supercell Oy available in the form of a free app.


Fun elements of FarmVille

Farmville (1)
There are a few unusual fun elements in this game including colorful unicorns and goats that wear hats. They can be found in the nursery before you choose them to become part of your livestock. The animation has the animals moving ears and leaves falling. The game is complicated and requires players to be a bit tech savvy. There are features for free gifts, adding neighbors, earning or purchasing farm cash, and more. The features for sounds and country music can be turned off and on. It is easy to harvest crops by simply moving your avatar to the plot. Once you log in to Facebook, you see your name at the top with the rest of your current stats.


Fun elements of HayDay


Hay Day has the added display of a complete city with a train depot, downtown and other backgrounds. The animals are goofy looking with funny sounds and ahayday..nimation to match. Trading with friends is easy with the pictures of each item and the amount of the trade listed. This game is more than planting and harvesting crops because of the ability to interact with a riverboat and create a town. In-app purchases are available where coins and diamonds can be used to speed the progress of each task. There is a feature to turn off in-apps at any time.

Comparison of the two games


Farmville is a cool game, although it has too many features and pop-ups with tons of directions. In addition, some of the animals are far-fetched, which distracts from the theme of the game. Colorful unicorns are a stretch. The wait time for crops to harvest adds an element of reality to the process, but requires the player to return regularly. The feature that tells you when they will be ready is a help. Buying farm cash is simple with a click unless you want to wait to use the money earned from your crops instead. The software is a bit sluggish as you move from each activity.

Hay Day has an authentic feel to it with real animals and landscapes. The interaction with all the characters is hilarious. The animation with the smoke from the train, and riverboat moving down the river make this game a must play. The landscape is also well-done with a variety of areas to engage including a fishing dock. It is easy to trade with friends and neighbors on the roadside, in the game community or on Facebook. The ability to build a town and grow crops combines two popular mobile game concepts.


It is easy to have two farms going at the same time with one for each game. The amount of time needed to do this could be a lot. However, it is a fun option as you and friends trade in both worlds. A big drawback to Farmville is that you need a Facebook account to access it. The software is not as seamless and can be sluggish with each function. Hay Day on the other hand is a responsive app that offers easy access on any mobile device without the need for third parties.