Family Farm Seaside vs Hayday

Family Farm Seaside vs Hayday

If you’ve ever wanted to farm but either don’t have the resources or the time, both Hay Day and Family Farm Seaside are there to make your dreams a reality. Hay Day is a Supercell creation. Founded in 2010, this mobile game development company is headquartered in Finland and has proven to be very successful with their current roster, including Clash of Clans. As for Family Farm Seaside, this mobile jewel was released by Diandian Interactive, a global mobile social gaming company with offices in China, the United States and Canada.


Hay Day sells itself as the “Best. Farm. Ever.” and has every right to do so, proving to be the most popular mobile farming app across 122 countries. As with all good farming games, you are the farmer. As such, it’s up to your farm know-how to make sure the crops grow and are harvested correctly in addition to fostering trade agreements with your neighbors and friends. It is a special land where your crops are never at risk of dying and the sun is always out. Because you are near a large body of water, you can even trade via steamboat as well as fish.

Family Farm Seaside

Family Farm Seaside follows the same plot. As the farmer, you get to choose what crops to plant and where to plant them. Being next to a body of water, you can even feel free to take a day off and enjoy the simple happiness of fishing off your dock. If you have some friends to add, they become your farming neighbors. Each day, your farm is faced with daily orders you need to fulfill in order to level and these missions are updated regularly to ensure you’re never at a loss as to what to do.

On the surface, Hay Day and Family Farm Seaside are extremely similar. After all, they are both mobile farming games. By definition, all that requires is a farm you get to manage. Beyond this shared aspect, however, the two games are very different. The most striking difference is the main play screen. Where Hay Day chose to go with a clean look, leaving buttons to a minimum, Family Farm Seaside has a border made of buttons or information summaries. Beyond this, Hay Day seems a bit more grounded in reality. Your crops are typical fares for the American household, the farm equipment is nothing surprising and even your stores and buildings all have a rustic country feel to them. Not so with Family Farm Seaside. In this game, you’ll find you can keep any kind of animal on your farm, including ostriches, and you can even set up rainbow hives with wings stuck to the sides for your bee colony. Though it may seem odd, this is Family Farm Seaside’s selling point. They have an unheard of amount of variety, guaranteeing that your farm will look different than everyone else’s, not just slightly different.

Choosing between Hay Day and Family Farm Seaside really boils down to customization. Though they share the same gameplay and, ultimately, the same strategy for success, would you rather have pink bunnies hopping around or stick to cows, chickens and goats? Whichever way you swing, both are top notch titles with beautiful graphics and easy-to-use interfacing that makes learning and playing them extremely easy no matter your age group. Even so, do be wary of the screen button set up. In the end, it may be Hay Day that takes the lead if only because you don’t have to have small, nimble fingertips to avoid accidentally tapping a button you didn’t mean to.