Crossy Road vs Crossy Slopes – Snowy Roads

Crossy Road and Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes are both arcade video games. Crossy Road was developed and published by Hipster Whale and is available Windows Phone, Android as well as iOS and tvOS. A developer by the name of Pearl Games was the mastermind behind the creation of Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads. This game is offered on all of the same devices as Crossy Road. Both games have received an overall rating of 4.5 according to polls on the Google Play website. However, Crossy Road has had 50 to 100 million installs where Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads has less.

One of the great features of Crossy Road is the ease of gameplay. The app can simply be picked up and engaging play begins immediately. There is not a lot of waiting time or loading. Because you only have one life in the game, turnovers are fast making it a very addicting game and one that keeps drawing you back. Essentially, this game is like a never ending frogger. As a chicken, you must avoid traffic and other treacherous obstacles in order to get to the other side of multiple different environments. This games is the classic “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke mixed with Frogger.

Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes

Some awesome features of Crossy Road & Snowy Slopes include the several options and variations that the game provides. With so many characters to choose from and so many possible environments to play in, the game will never get tiring. In addition, the challenging gameplay is a great way to play with friends to see who can win. In this game, you can choose from a long list of characters including a dragon, mascot, zombie, etc. and traverse several dangerous environments in an attempt to get across the terrain. Another great feature is that each character has their own special ability, so make sure to play as them all to find out what they can do.

Crossy Road and Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads have many similar features and characteristics. At first glance, it is quite obvious that the classic arcade game of frogger had a large influence on the idea behind these games. However, these arcade games offer enough unique features and variations that set them apart from this classic game. Both Crossy Roads and Crossy Slopes are endless games whose points are gathered simply upon distance. To inhibit pausing, a big bird will swoop down in both games and take the character away. With this threat as well as several other treacherous obstacles, these make for fast paced and nail-biting games in which only quick reactions will be rewarded. With only one life to lose in both games, users will be even more careful to ensure the right move is made. These are great games to play with a large group of friends as the game play turnover is very fast paced and the scoring system is easy to keep track of.

Overall, both Crossy Roads as well as Crossy Slopes Snow Roads include what all good arcade games are characterized by. They are highly addictive and fun to play. They are fast paced with pressure from threatening obstacles. Both can be played with friends to see who the champion is. Lastly, the are highly intuitive. Just about anybody can pick up the game with no prior knowledge of how to play and figure things out pretty easily. The games are simple in nature but have all of the key elements to make for a fun and addictive arcade game. There’s not much more to be wanted or expected from these great games.