Crossy Road vs Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads

Lets Compare Crossy Road with Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads

Crossy Road and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads free mobile platforming games designed for hours of entertainment. Crossy Road was developed in 2014 by Yodo1, and has become a popular game to play on both Android and Apple mobile devices. Crossy Slopes & Snowy Road was developed later than Crossy Road by Pearl Games. Both games feature arcade platforming action, with beautiful retro graphics and game play that is entertaining for both gamers belonging to both older and younger generations. While these games are similar on many levels there are some minor differences that may leave you picking between them.
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Crossy Road is quite an incredible free to play mobile game that can be played in multiple formats, either on Android devices or Apple, and is reminiscent of the classic arcade hit, Frogger. The object of Crossy Road is to move your character across a variety of different streets, avoiding obstacles such as cars and trucks as they pass by. One wrong move and your character dies and you need to start all over again. The game play for Crossy Road is familiar, with blocky, colorful animations and graphics to enjoy. Controls for the game are simple and implemented well.

Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads is a very similar game to Crossy Road, and follows the a very similar presentation format. Players take on the role of a multitude of different looking characters, from the basic chicken to a bumbling zombie. Game play is the same for each character and the object of the game is to hop your way across one road to the next, avoiding all obstacles along the way. Control sequences are very similar to Crossy Road and the graphical layout, with blocky backgrounds and characters along with colorful environments are evident in this game as well.

Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads

Comparison of the two games in question is fairly difficult, as both Crossy Road and Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads offer much of the same elements for gamers to enjoy. Both games offer the same, beautifully colored graphics, with the blocky overtures. This style of graphical presentation is reminiscent of both Minecraft, from modern popular gaming culture, and older retro games such as Frogger and Pacman. Both games follow the same objectives or getting your character across as many roads as possible in order to accrue points and to unlock new material. Controls are handled in much the same way, although I personally enjoyed the controls on Crossy Road more than Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads as they seemed a bit more responsive on my device. Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads, on the other hand, seems to contain a nice variety of selectable characters, and it was nice to see certain Christmas themed graphics and backgrounds. Crossy Road, with one of its most recent updates, now supports multi-player functions, a feature that sadly Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads does not currently have available. Both mobile games are free to download from app stores, making it easy for players to enjoy.

While each game is very similar there are features to both that may be appealing to different people. The Christmas themes found throughout Crossy Slopes & Snowy Roads adds an interesting graphical inclusion that may interest certain gamers. The game lacks multi player support, which may be attractive to gamers who like to play alone. Crossy Road does not include Christmas style graphics but does contain multi player support, an aspect that strengthens it a great deal considering current popularity. Both games are available for free and you can download and compare both to see which is more your style.