CityVille vs City Island – Can City Island take over?

CityVille vs City Island – Can City Island take over?
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With so much time nowadays spent in lines, airports, cars, and the like for jobs and family vacations (and the use of technology ever increasing in homes), someone has to be looking for a new game to play to keep themselves busy. Two such games are Cityville, released by Zynga, and City Island, released by Sparkling Society.
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Cityville is similar to Farmville. It was a free to download game that had in-app purchases for various other content. There were two kinds of currency: cash and coins. Players bought cash or earned it by leveling up in the game. The currency was used to buy the premium game items. Various music artists used Cityville to promote their music. Lady Gaga and Enrique Iglesias are two of the artists who used the game to such an extent. Other game features included free bonuses, energy increases, and other features.
City Island offers a business and a fun side to the game play. Players can build houses, parks, and other fun attractions. They can also catch fish, build schools, a ferris wheel, bakeries, etc. Tablet support allows the players to play on larger screens. Profit can be collected from the buildings, such as the bakeries, museums, etc. Buildings can even be upgraded. There’s XP to collect and levels to go through, each with certain rewards. There are other rewards to collect along the way as well. Players can extend to a beach (where they can find pirate chests) and to another island.
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Both games offer a wide range of game play for all ages. However, Cityville shut down on April 30th, 2015. The game had been extremely popular and no reason for the shut down has been released. Players had been given notice when they opened the game, and no major complaints prior to the notice had been given. However, the number of players playing all of Zynga’s games had dropped by quite a bit after it released all of the ten games it was known for. Players of Cityville were thanked for playing by being given gifts for one of two of Zynga’s other games. Some players were incredibly mad that it was being shut down, but there was nothing they could do about it. City Island is not known to be glitch free, however. Some players complain of the game freezing, which Sparkling Society has been quick to point out could be a device problem and not a game glitch. Other complaints include the fishing boats not working correctly after a couple of minutes of play, with the ports or the boats themselves freezing. Some cannot play after the newest update, which could have been a systems problem and not a game glitch.

Since Cityville has shut down, City Island is the only game that can be recommended from this post. If the glitches are put up with, it pays off quickly because it is a free app