City Island vs Paradise Island 2

What better way to pass time than by playing a game? Mobile device games have become the ‘it’ thing these days. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones to play. Two to start with would be City Island, which is put out by Sparkling Society, and Paradise Island, put out by Game Insight.

Paradise Island 2 is a game that does not require constant internet connection, making it ideal for a long road trip or a wait in a bus station, airport, etc. The game is set int he summer and offers many different kinds of perks. Friends can connect. Players can compete with other players and share the achievements with friends. When the player opens the app, they’re in for a surprise because the game keeps going even if the app isn’t open. Something new is always ready to be seen. There are entertainment venues to build, as well as restaurants and shops. The whole goal is to create a must-see tourist attraction on the island and attract as many tourists as possible. The newest update has added new guests, achievements, gifts, and even a Tree of Life that allows the players to create a unique park.

City Island has a broader focus. There are two types of currency used in the game to purchase items for the city: cash and gold. There’s a beach that can be unlocked, and once there, players can search for pirate chests. There are many different types of buildings to build, such as oil platforms, hotels, movie theaters, etc. Parks and other community buildings are also available. There’s an extra island to unlock, and the story line is perfect for all ages. The gold mentioned earlier can speed up the construction process, and playing with friends can offer gift codes to receive more gold or cash, depending. There are a lot of rewards to collect during game play.

city island
However, both games have had their fair share of complaints. City Island players have reported the game freezing, though it has been asked if the freezing could be a device glitch and not a game glitch. The fishing boats are also reported as getting stuck or the ports not working. The newest update has blocked the app from opening for some players. Some complain about the number of ads that pop up, while others ask why the price for extra cash and gold is so high.
paradise island 2
Paradise Island2  players complain about not being able to sell their buildings and having to destroy them instead. Some complain that a new update has made it much too small to play or enjoy. Others complain that the game crashes. A few players have even complained about filling up their land too quickly and not being able to buy the new land because the price is too much.


All in all, both games have their ups and downs. For someone on the go, Paradise Island would be the ideal game. If someone is at home, City Island might be better (due to needing a constant internet connection).