City Island vs Megapolis – Mobile games compared

City Island vs Megapolis – Mobile games compared
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For anyone with time to kill, the world of mobile device gaming is an old friend. With so many games, how can one know what to play? Two suggestions are Megapolis, put out by Social Quantum Ltd, and City Island, put out by Sparkling Society. Both games are simulation city games, and offer the same kind of game play as some of the old PC games that were popular before mobile device games came around.
City Island is an Android game. Whether it will come to Apple devices is unknown. However, the game contains many fun features. One such feature is a story line fit for all ages. The city, which starts tiny, can be extended to a large island. Players can connect with their friends and give gift codes to receive cash and gold to spend in the game. The gold is sort of like the premium money: it is used to speed up construction and buy other things that the cash cannot buy. In addition, there are parks, attractions, and other things that can be built with the cash and sped up with the gold.

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Megapolis focuses more on the business side of large cities. Players can build oil wells, gas mines, solar plants, and more of that kind of business. Updates and events are held regularly so that players can get the most out of the game. Tablets are supported with this game, offering game play to those that may need larger screens to be able to see or play. Friends can connect through the game as well, offering a community-like feel. The game supports the option to expand over land and sea, and has amazing 3D graphics.


While Megapolis is not a free game, it shares many advantages with City Island, which is free to download. Both offer the player the ability to play with friends and help them along in their adventures. Many buildings can be built in both games, with Megapolis featuring everything from ancient to modern times and City Island featuring more modern architecture.Both come with drawbacks too. Many people have complained that Megapolis is too expensive. They also complain that the game crashes, they can’t edit, and a host of other things. The game is reported to freeze and with-hold in app purchases from players. Though City Island has its fair share of complaints (the new update not allowing them to even open the app being one of the biggest ones), there are far fewer about the game itself. Another big problem that is complained of is the fishing boats freezing or the ports not working. Some complain about the extra cash and gold being too expensive while others also complain about freezing, though it has been suggested that the freezing could be a device problem and not a game problem.

With both games having bugs, it is up to the players to decide which game they wish to play. Freezing might be fixed by getting rid of older apps that they don’t play, but there is no guarantee. All in all, City Island appears to pay for itself much more quickly than Megapolis does. However, that is all up to the players.