City Island vs City Island: Airport

Sparkling Society is the inventor for these two games. City Island was the first city building software offered in 2009, while City Island: Airport came later in 2013. The premise is the same with the exception of being able to build an airport with the island city. The graphics, sounds and animation are similar in color and presentation. In addition, the agility and responsiveness is seamless for both installments. The differences can be found with more challenges and new features for the airport component.

Fun elements of City Island


city island 1

There are several fun elements in City Island including the floating question mark pop-ups when citizens need help. Profits are clearly displayed over the buildings with collection requiring a simple tap. The unlock features for hospitals and other facilities can be accessed once you reach a certain amount of cash and gold. This feature also lets the player know their new level as well as the happiness level for citizens. If players do not want to want they can purchase in-app cash or gold. Once you purchase a new item, your finger can move them to their final spot followed by selecting the check mark. Icons are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen, which make the building process smooth.

Fun elements of City Island: Airport


Every fun element from the first City Island franchise is available in this version. However, the airport features turn up the gaming experience with more options. They include using a new island for the airport location along with responsibility for air traffic and the airline business. There are several types of hangars and airplanes to choose from. Players can pick ticket prices as they try to maximize profits. They also have to choose flight destinations to cities around the world. There are new landmarks and tourist attractions to use so your island grows and profits increase.

Comparison of the two games

Comparing these games is a bit of a challenge because of the similarities with theme and icons. The same social connection features can be found with a twitter or Facebook icon on the bottom right screen. They both have to consider what new items to include on the island that will increase the happiness level for its citizens. Each game has in-app purchases for players that do not want to wait to earn enough to build their island. There are some obvious differences with the airport game. However, other differences exist including new levels and more reward opportunities. There will also be more challenges in the Airport game.

The addition of the airport sounds can be heard when you are working with that part of the game, which adds authenticity for players. With the airport version players have to decide if the planes will be arriving or departing. The icons allow this with choosing the country flag and ticket price. A nice feature advises the player if they need a bigger plane for any specific flight. The hangars can be destroyed and re-built. In addition, the game will not let you park planes in hangars that will not fit. There is an oil field near the runways, which is funny because it acknowledges the fuel needs.


For the City Island enthusiast that has to play each game in the series, they will not be disappointed. As long as they have adequate space on their mobile device, it will be a snap to play them all. However, they will need to pay attention to the specific game launched each time. There is really no true versus scenario, because these two games keep the gaming experience in the family. The quick, free download will take the decision making process out of the players hands.