City Island 4 vs SimCity Buildit

City Island 4: Against SimCity Buildit
City Island 4
City Island 4 is a popular free game that is a building simulation type game developed by Sparkling Society in which you are tasked with building your own city! As mayor of the city that you found, you are in charge with making your city as successful as possible. You can discover new islands, colonize them, and make one small island village into a metropolis of industrialization and beauty. Join the other 50 million players that play the game and is increasing everyday, as it is free on the Google Play store. Many say that it is a great time waster, and compare it to the first SimCity game released for PC.
City Island 4
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Its Features
This app features several features that may seem appealing for anyone interested in playing this game. As an easy platform to use, people of all ages can enjoy this game. There are over 250 different items, so every island that you create can have its own unique theme to it. You also get rewarded for the things that you achieve on your islands, so there won’t seem that there are no points to any of the expansions that you make. Your businesses even collect revenue, so you can collect profit from any of the commercial parts of your islands for further expansion. You can even speed up your building times to build your new features, so you don’t have to wait as long to achieve what you want to than other traditional games that make the user wait.
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SimsCity Buildit
SimCity Buildit is yet another popular building simulation game, developed by Electronic Arts, who developed all of the previous SimCity games that we know and love. As mayor of your own city, it is your job to turn SimCity into a bustling city shining in sky for all to see. This is the first game of the SimCity franchise to be adopted into the mobile world, and it is free to play on the Google Play, Amazon, and Apple store, being available for a very wide range of audiences so that anyone can get access to it if they at least have one of these app stores available on their mobile devices.
Its features
The features of this game are essentially the same as the other more traditional SimCity games. Build your city to expand and grow as a new metropolis scraping the sky, make your citizens happy so that others may want to move there as well, further expanding your city for all to benefit. The city allows you to solve problems that can even happen in the real world, like pollution, transportation issues, and even fires can occur in your city.
You can even release non-natural disasters upon your city, such as UFO’s! The different types of buildings you have are very diverse, ranging from a wide variety of cultures such as Tokyo and even New York City.

These games house a few similarities that make them almost the same game to play. They are both building simulation games that you can download for free on the Google Play store, Apple Store, and the Amazon App Store. As mayor of literally both cities, it is your job to build up the cities to make them places that people would love to move to. You will find that the games are very fun and they both have a 4-5 star rating on the Google Play app store. There are challenges in both games that you get rewarded for, and they are quite generous awards. Both games have real time that you must wait for building structures, giving it an element into real life that many strive for in a game. These games were both developed by top developers, and in the case of SimsCity Buildit, were are Editor’s Choice and are a top developer according to the Google Play Store. These games are also one of the newest additions to the series that they star in. They have changed a lot over the courses of their existences. SimsCity is a classic and with the addition of becoming a mobile app, it allows a more broad range of audiences so that they can become even more popular.

City Island 4 is a popular building simulation game that is available on three different app stores, and the same goes for SimsCity Buildit. As a mayor in both games, you are tasked with the job of building up your cities and make them as big as possible so that many people will want to move there and further expand your city. The addition of these games to the app store allows a wider age range and broad group of people to become addicted to these games, as they are well known for being according to the high reviews that both have received. It is no wonder they are both so popular with the amount of features that are actually available in the game, and if they continue to update these games, then they will be for a long time to come.