City Island 3 vs Village City – Island Sim

City Island 3 v. Village City –Island Sim
City Island 3 and Village City – Island Sim are two games that are designed for the mobile and tablet gaming market. The games are similar to the wildly popular PC game The Sims, by giving the player the power to shape the growth of a settlement from its humble beginnings into an urban colossus.

A range of buildings are offered, alongside a cash- or experienced-based upgrade tree to unlock more as the game progresses. Although both games might feel significantly simplified in comparison to their PC equivalent, their touchscreen-friendly user interface, straightforward game mechanics and low memory makes them perfect for gaming on the go.

In City Island 3 the player is stranded on a virgin island filled with potential. Choosing from a range of buildings, their tiny hamlet of a few shacks gradually grows into a thriving metropolis sprawling over an entire archipelago.

The gameplay focuses on finding a balance between houses for the island’s residents and businesses to earn cash. New people are attracted to the island by increasing the population’s happiness, and occasionally pirate chests wash ashore containing loot! With options to decorate the city, quests and achievements to pursue, diverse building upgrades, and gloriously vibrant graphics this is a very satisfying city-building game.
What players love about City Island 3 is that the game play is more generous than other free sim-style games. Players are allowed to construct as many as five buildings at once and the game’s money is also developed quickly.

In Village City – Island Sim the player designs and expands their town on a lush green island. The player must lay roads, erect cinemas and offices, and transform pits into parks as they shape how the city will grow. With over 100 buildings to choose from, the enormous degree of choice provided in the game is more than enough to keep the player entertained.


Gameplay is based on accumulating cash and diamonds, maintaining happiness, attracting more people to the city, and levelling up to unlock new buildings. Although it has simpler graphics than some of its competitors, the game offers plenty of content for the casual gamer to dip into – and the hardcore strategist to master.

The games have several similarities. Because of the limits of the mobile interface, the game play mechanics are quite similar. Players will use similar functions to play through each game. The games also both include a bird’s eye view user interface. They also both require users to tap the screen to gain gold.

Both games contain advertisements. These advertisements are mostly subtle; however, some players complain that they suddenly appear as full-screen advertisements that disrupt game play. The advertisements can be disabled with in-app purchase.

Both games are also free to download from app stores. In-app purchases are available and help speed up the game. However, they do not add any new achievements or levels.

The main differences in the games are the content, the size and the graphics. City Island 3 is a bigger game with more game play hours involved than Village City – Island Sim. Both include a good amount of content compared to similar games, however, the content remains limited to fit within the parameters of mobile gaming.

City Island 3 is also suggested to have better graphics than Village City – Island Sim. However, this is subjective. Both games have similar graphics and there are is not a huge disparity between the two games.
Both City Island 3 and Village City – Island Sim are great competitors in the free sim app market. Each game offers users different content so that fans can play through each game without repeating levels or experiences.

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