City Island 3 vs SimCity BuildIt

City Island 3 is the latest version of the series by Sparkling Society that allows players to build an island filled with activities. The difference with this installment is the ability to build on several specialty islands. SimCity BuildIt by EA is also their most recent addition to the wildly popular Sim City game, which was one of the first to have this theme. The graphics for both are good with vibrant colors and authentic sounds. There are some features where they depart from business as usual including the cutting edge HD aspect in SimCity BuildIt.Fun elements of City Island 3


app logoCreating more than one island is the biggest upgrade players will find once they download this free app. The same responsive software exists as imagination runs wild with a rupturing volcano island or tourist island where visits can ferry in and out. In addition, the variety of challenges and quests allow players to gain coins or increase their game level as they keep the citizens happy. Off-shore huts, hotels and other structures add more depth to the building options. This feature has the water glistening around each building. Keep some island as intimate villages while you grow others into a metropolis. You can also change the landscape to include waterfalls and cliffs.

Fun elements of SimCity BuildIt

The night time presentation is pretty cool as it offers the neon glow of the city lights. The HD and 3D graphics heighten this effect with the tall skyscrapers in a variety of architectural designs. Streets with round curves, straight lanes along with bridges over waterways make the game more authentic. it also incorporates an island feature for more building opportunities. The hub control panel allows services to be created as needed with the city’s growth that include a fire department. This game also allows for pollution and traffic control. Use the community features to share goods with friends. Speed up any process with challenges and rewards or purchase sims cash with the in-app purchase feature.


Comparison of the two games

SimCity BuildIt has more of a cutting edge technology feel as well as more interactive features to maintain the city. The welfare of the citizens is more intricate with a variety of services that can be provided. The presentation of the buildings also has a crisper quality to it. Features that allow decorative bridges and road infrastructure are realistic. Players can use the built-in assistance of icons that alert them to any needs or potential to make profits and earn rewards.

City Island 3 did justice to the series with the features for new islands. The clearly marked icons are a great convenience when changes need to made. A plethora of options for terrain and landscaping is another well done feature. In addition, cruise ships and beaches with boardwalk make the island theme believable. The skyscrapers are a good rendition of the real world, although there is a plastic feel to them. More achievements and a difficult level of challenges will not disappoint the regulars of this series.


Picking the top game for these two would be based on what players are looking for. People that have been engaging in the City Island experience will love what the developers have done here. However, for those that want a more sophisticated look with the night and shadows cast by the sun, then SimCity BuildIt will come out on top. In addition, the cutting edge graphics and variety of architecture will capture the praise of players. One last point about SimCity BuildIt is the services features, which are the games most authentic quality.

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