CastleVille Legends vs CityVille

Established in 2007, Zynga quickly established itself as one of the premier app games of Facebook with their well-known FarmVille game. As that release cementing their popularity, they inevitably branched out into the mobile market. As of today, two of their current games are drawing a lot of attention. The first, CityVille, is a Facebook game very much like FarmVille, except instead of a farm, you control a city. With CastleVille Legends, the mobile option in this line up, you are transported to a fairy tale kingdom that is yours to fill with mythical creatures and a well-armored keep.CityVille originally debuted in 2011 to a stunning 100,000 players, making it Zynga’s biggest release at the time. In it, you are the overseer of a vast metropolis tasked with increasing its size. As you level up, you gain energy, allowing you to spend them on bettering your city. You can also choose to head out to neighboring cities and perform jobs in exchange for reputation points that can then be converted to either increase your energy or level you up. Everyday there are new goals to be completed, and it’s up to you to make sure they are.

castle villeCastleVille Legends invites players to enter a magical, medieval fantasy where you build your own kingdom while exploring the surrounding land. Expansion, however, does come at a cost. It’s up to you to choose a hero and use them to complete quests that open up the world. For those with a more reserved gameplay style, farming is a major component as it ensures your kingdom is fed. There’s even an option to build a family farm where all of your friends can join in and play with you. To further this idea, alliances can be made between the surrounding kingdoms.castle villeWhen looked at together, the platforms are very much the same. Graphics are clean, though the color scheme varies drastically, owing to the fact that cities need to look a bit more realistic whereas fantasy lands can have any number of purple or pink plants. In addition, CityVille’s design style is a bit more pixelated if only because it was developed a few years ago. CastleVille Legends seems to have taken some inspiration from Disney’s Rapunzel by choosing more curves and soft edges over angles. CastleVille Legends also adds a hero component, one not seen in CityVille. This allows players to take on the persona of any one of a number of adventuring heroes straight out of the pages of a fairy story. These colorful characters act as guides through the world, helping players establish their kingdom. CityVille, though helpful, is less so, making it friendlier toward audiences that enjoy figuring out things on their own versus being read every instruction. Even still, after given enough time to grow the city or the kingdom, gameplay does advance into a realm of challenge in both titles. It seems once a certain threshold is reached, it becomes all about seeing just how long you can keep such a large enterprise held together.If infrastructure is what you’re into, Zynga’s CityVille and CastleVille Legends are the perfect way to build your own property free from any sort of regulation. Tasked with maintenance and continual upkeep to make sure the residents remain happy, one offers a realistic approach to city structure while the other grants you a fantastical kingdom complete with lords, ladies and quests. As both follow the same structure, the only difference is the type of landscape you prefer to build. With continued updates and flourishing communities, be sure to give both a try before declaring your favorite.

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