Airport City vs City Island: Airport 2

Airport City vs City Island: Airport 2

Add a bit of spice to the city building craze with these two games. Become the entrepreneur to develop your own airline industry. For more excitement, try on the space center feature that Airport City offers its players. The graphics and animation for each game is stellar with state-of-the-art technology that has diesel fumes emanating from planes as they take off and land. The authentic sounds will tie the theme together as you spend hours creating your airports and cities. Sparkling Society continues to develop games that provide players with innovative gaming experiences with their City Island franchise. Game Insight has thrown their hat in the ring with their creation that is more than just an Airport City.

Fun elements of Airport City



Airport City gives players the options to create an airport with international travel, a space center, and building a metropolis filled with travelers and tourist. The planes can be a variety of passenger jets, helicopters or small propeller aircraft. Build runways and give planes a colorful insignia. You are also in charge of the air traffic control feature. Friends can join in for a trip into outer space. The airport can be filled with celebrities, airplane crew, and construction workers. In Airport City, a collection of top tourist destinations including the Coliseum, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and others can be incorporated in your city.

Fun elements of City Island: Airport 2



Think City Island with an airport located anywhere you want to build it. Make it the centerpiece or at one end where passengers can land with a water backdrop. The terminal has a control tower with runways and hangars that can be placed strategically on the landscape. Decide what international destination to send your planes. Build tourist attractions using beaches, Ferris wheels and parks that will draw more visitors. Use the challenges to move up the game level or earn diamonds. The in-app purchases will help the city develop quickly. Engage in the tons of quests to earn more rewards.

Comparison of the two games

The name Airport City does not do the myriad of features and activities justice. The inclusion of the ability to turn your airport into a space center puts it ahead of the City Island Airport 2. The space program can be as simple or intricate as you like. The tutorial is easy to use and available with the tap of a button. A separate feature allows the city to be built with famous tourist attractions from around the world including the Louvre or Egyptian Sphinx. The amount of area that can be used to expand your city can quickly turn into a mega-metropolis. Earn loads of rewards from objects you find during your world travel.

While there is not a feature to have famous landmarks other than the Statue of Liberty, you can create your own. There is a cool feature that lets you earn profits from airline flights. As your score grows, unlock new airplanes, runways, and other interesting items to fill the city with more activity. You can build up the beaches with tourist stops. They can include buildings in the water with ferries to take passengers back to the mainland where high rise hotels are waiting. Pick the specific type of trees and flowers to dart the landscape of your paradise.


Airport City is the winner of this competition with its space program and famous landmarks from around the world. The possibility to build a larger cityscape adds more fuel to the fire. City Island: Airport 2 does its best with features including tracking fares for profits, but cannot match its counterpart. Fans of the City Island series will enjoy this latest upgrade, but when they get a glimpse of what Airport City has to offer, they may make the switch.